Our Latest Patient Testimonial

We were at a complete loss when our daughter sustained a deep laceration to her face recently, on CHRISTMAS EVE. We had family arriving into town any minute, were preparing to host Christmas celebrations, and were not at all excited at the prospect of spending the evening in the ER and having an unknown physician stitch up our sweet girl's face. When we asked Dr. Baker if he would take a look at it, he arrived five minutes later, determined immediately that she needed stitches, and to our dismay did not hesitate to call in his nurse and partner, Dr. Baber, in order to sedate our daughter and make sure she got stitched up as perfectly as possible. We will never forget the kindness all three of them showed to us, taking time away from their own families on Christmas Even in order to care for ours. We were able to get swiftly back to Christmas celebrations and had the peace of mind knowing that our daughter was in the best and most capable hands. Thank you, Dr. Baker, Dr. Baber and Jessica! We will never forget the way you bent over backwards so graciously in our time of need!!

- Toby D

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